Ball Hill Blinds 2009
221 Walsgrave Road
tel & fax : 024 76 451615
There are a miriad of tracks and poles available. We can supply the simple straightforward curtain tracks from Swish and Harrison
Drape amongst others, with tracks up to 5 metres held in stock. Curtain poles come in many diameters, lengths and numerous
finishes from wood in many colours and in metal in many finishes from brushed silver to antique bronze. We also stock many many
curtain track spares. Call us on 024 76 451615 to discuss your requirements.
Ball Hill Blinds are your choice for window dressings in Coventry & Wawickshire including Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth, Bedworth, Bulkington and Nuneaton
Supply only or inclusive service
Curtain track in stock
Net wire and rods stocked
Specialist poles to order
Matching holdbacks available
Track spares stocked
Curtain Tracks & Poles