Our vertical blinds utilise the ‘nexus’ headrail system. This is a wide bodied, heavy duty headrail designed to provide long life, maximum performance and minimum maintenance in both domestic and commercial installations, we also manufacture the stylish ‘senses’ headrail system as an option.
It features a ‘self aligning’ facility which means that if any of the louvres are knocked out of alignment, all that is required to correct the problem is an operation of the chain. The other great feature of the ‘nexus’ headrail is the use of ‘even spaced carriers’ which helps to eliminate rogue louvres at the end of the blind.

A large range of louvres can be fitted in a variety of different colours, thicknesses and material properties, from ‘flame retardant for commercial installations and landlords, all the way through to rigid PVC for ease of maintenance and clean modern looks.

The price of a vertical blind is dependent upon the width and drop required, the ‘Price Group’ of the fabric chosen and any optional extras that are applied to the blind. On each of the fabric sample books there is a chart listing the name of the fabric and the price group it resides in. Prices start at Group 1 and continue up to Group 5, although we often have a range of fabrics on offer as ‘Group Special’. Fabrics are available with a range of properties including ‘Flame Retardant’ for commercial installations, reflective coatings, blackouts, dimouts and sheers. There are also selections of rigid and fabric PVC louvres which are easy to clean, with superb light control and are fantastic for high humidity areas.

If you already have a working headrail then ‘Louvres Only’ can be ordered from any of the fabrics available. Your new louvres come complete with new weights, stabilising chain and hangers and are manufactured ready to hang with no additional work required.

Headrails can be manufactured using ‘Wand’ control if required, completely eliminating looped cords.

Vertical Blinds are incredibly versatile, able to cover huge windows up to five meters wide yet subtle enough for almost any window in the home.

Options, applicable to all fabric groups…

• White headrail and fittings come as standard, ’senses’ coloured headrails are an option

• The blind can be manufactured as ‘one way’ stack or as a ‘split draw’

• Custom curved headrail for bow windows

• Extension brackets to increase to projection when face fixing


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